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It was in an intimate setting that we had the chance to interview one of the pioneers of plant-based gastronomy, the inspiring chef Claire Vallée.

This self-taught Michelin-starred chef with a singular career path has launched her Michelin-starred vegan restaurant ONA (Origine Non Animale). It has also been awarded the Green Star for its commitment to eco-responsibility. Claire loves risks and challenges, as demonstrated by the opening of her vegetarian restaurant in a small village in the land of oysters and pâté, in the heart of the Arcachon Basin.

Visiting Fenua, we went to meet him to find out more about his background, values and commitments.

Through cooking, spices, aromatic herbs, combinations, textures and ancestral methods, she has developed her distinctive vegetal cuisine. Vegan cooking doesn’t mean tasteless cooking – on the contrary! Its aim is to reconcile vegan cooking with the pleasure of eating: a way to reconcile us with all the prejudices that the word “vegan” can carry. Vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices possess a panoply of flavors, which she has learned to sublimate to bring out all their gustatory possibilities. As well as gourmet delights, it’s also the therapeutic virtues that she likes to propose, to offer a cuisine that’s good for you.

Today she offers her services as a consultant, with the fleeting desire to share and pass on her know-how.

We invite you to discover this interview with a chef whose cuisine has deep aspirations: a love affair with nature, the rhythm of the seasons, travel and encounters.