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On March 1st 2024, the Anoe printed guide, available free of charge at Tahiti-Faa’a airport and in a number of strategic locations including hotels, launched its brand new website:

A guide to Polynesia with a sense of fantasy, pointing out unusual places to visit

The website is much more than a simple travel information platform: it’s a real online guide, with a playful itinerary devised by the same team that designed based in Tahiti.

The aim of the is to :

An overview of online articles
Rich content

Regularly updated content to keep visitors informed

The website offers a wide range of content on Polynesia in a fun and user-friendly format:

  • Articles on a wide range of topics including culture, music, leisure, gastronomy, advice and more.
  • Photos and videos to showcase the beauty of Polynesian landscapes.
  • A diary of events to make sure you don’t miss out on anything happening in Polynesia.
  • A selection of tourist service providers to help you find a hotel, restaurant, activity, etc. easily.
  • You can also use social networks to chat with other internet users and share your good tips.

The website is available in French and English. It can be accessed from all platforms, including computers, tablets and smartphones.

Selected links to :

Tailor-made playlists:

Via the SPOTIFY platform on the ANOE account or directly on the website, for example: Your musical tour of the island, 1 hour of listening.

Do you know the Polynesian musical style “Sapa’u”? Read De Ester Tefana au Sapa’u, la musique que les polynésiens écoutent

To whet your appetite:

For your taste buds, your next culinary tasting in Tahiti: Discovering ahimā’a, traditional baked foods