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Vanilla ice cream with truffle paste


The recipe is as surprising as it is refined, Chef Fabrice Metais’s recipe fromtheAuberg’in will win you over and surprise all your guests, if you like the distinctive flavour of truffles, the sweet and sour combination and the freshness of ice cream.


  • 500g whole milk

  • 3 vanilla beans

  • 100g 35% liquid cream

  • 50g honey

  • 50g sugar

  • 50g egg yolk

  • 20g truffle paste

  • 10g truffle oil



Heat your milk with the split vanilla pod. Add the cream and honey and bring to the boil.

Blanch your egg yolks with the sugar. Add to the liquid and cook over a low heat until thickened, stirring constantly with a spatula in the shape of an 8.

Remove the vanilla pod, pass the mixture through a sieve, then add the paste and truffle oil. Cool and leave to mature in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Whirl the mixture in the ice-cream maker until creamy.

Transfer to an airtight container and freeze to finish setting. Your vanilla and truffle ice cream is ready to enjoy!

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Chefs de Tahiti Tips

To preserve a used vanilla pod, it’s essential to keep it dry and protected from humidity, light and heat. Using a glass jar remains the most effective method. If you wish to incorporate it into an infused dessert such as milk or cream, it is advisable to grind it into a powder for better flavor diffusion. You can also add it to sugar to make vanilla sugar, or infuse it in ingredients such as rum or olive oil, offering a variety of ways to enjoy its subtle aromas.

The originality of this dish, as surprising as it is is hidden inthe Plantin  truffes  paste. In fact, fans of truffles, sweet and sour, and ice cream will be more than delighted to savor this preparation. Founded in Provence in 1930, the family-run company Plantin is specializes in fresh truffles. Renowned for its ancestral know-how, it offers a variety of truffles including black, Alba white, summer and Burgundy. Their expertise in preservation processes means they can offer truffles in verrines or frozen all year round. In 2019, the Truffle Shop and Institute opened, offering an immersive experience for individuals. The company is expanding its audience by offering a wide range of truffle-flavored items, including the truffle paste used in our recipe of the day.

Enjoy your meal!

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