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Henere Adams – Aranui

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Chef on board the Aranui, Henere takes pleasure in introducing Polynesian cuisine to the ship’s passengers. Through his dishes, he takes his customers on the journey of a lifetime.


With 11 years’ experience in the restaurant business, Henere embarked on the Aranui adventure in 2005 as a kitchen assistant. As his dishes evolved, so did his position as chef.

He works passionately with his chefs to create the menu. Everyone shares their ideas and adds their personal touch to create tasty preparations.

In his dishes, Henere sublimates local ingredients. Mango is simmered to make a delicious chutney, dolphinfish is married to vanilla for the famous mahi-mahi with its creamy vanilla sauce, and tuna is sublimated in the famous raw fish with coconut milk.

What’s more, the cruise proposes fishing off the Marquesas. Using freshly caught fish, Henere concocts dishes that delight their taste buds.

Aboard the Aranui, Henere likes to prepare his dishes facing the sea, watching a sunset or with the mountains as a backdrop.