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The winner of the culinary reality TV show Top Chef in 2012 and 2013, and celebrated Michelin-starred chef, Jean Imbert, is moving to Tetiaroa.

A dream for the chef, but also for the Brando’s little tummies, because it was in this luxury hotel in Tetiaroa that Jean Imbert decided to set down his suitcase.

Highly coveted, media-savvy and followed by over 500,000 people on Instagram, the chef and his restaurants play host to many of the world’s leading figures and celebrity celebrities on a daily basis.

After New York, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Barthélémy and Paris, the Michelin-starred chef is now in charge of all the restaurants at the hotel that hosted Barack Obama during the 3 months he spent writing his memoirs.

Indeed, the chef had already visualized his future in the kitchens of this little piece of paradise, when the hotel was inaugurated in 2012. The chef was present that day during his visit to Polynesia, and never stopped dreaming that one day he would become its chef, he wrote on his networks. In 2022, it was awarded its Michelin star. In 2023, he will settle on this private Fenua atoll.

Proud to be cooking in what he describes as the world’s most ecologically accomplished hotel, he has nothing but praise for the Brando, which maintains a direct link with the land (vegetable garden) and the ocean (fishermen), for refined, authentic cuisine.

A fan of Marlon Brando himself, Jean composed his cards from the actor’s personal archives. Dick Bailey, President and CEO of PBSC, says “Marlon himself was a man who loved good food”.

Chef Jean will be serving up authentic dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of Fenua, combined with his gastronomic expertise.

Photo: @jeanimbert #instagram