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Tuna Tartare Rossini

Ingredients :

  • red tuna

  • smoked foie-gras escalope

  • tempura sauce

  • furikake

  • oil

  • green onion, tomato, mango radish, carrot and onion pickles

Chef Dylan Frogier’s fresh, gourmet recipe is sure to delight your guests.


*Red tuna :
Cut the red tuna into regular brunoise, remove into a cul de poule and set aside in a cool place.

*Foie-gras :
Smoke the escalope of foie-gras in a gastro pan for 3min, set aside in a cool place. Pan-fry the foie-gras before finishing the tartare.

*Vegetable seasoning:
Chisel green onion, peel tomato and cut into brunoise, cut mango into brunoise. Mix the green onion, tomato and mango with the red tuna.

*Vegetable pickles:
Chop onion and blanch in boiling water for 1 min. Dice the carrot and blanch in boiling water for 2 minutes. Make a pickle with red vinegar, sugar and a little water, heat to dissolve the sugar and finish cooking the vegetables in it. Leave to cool.

*Dressing :
Season and pan-fry the foie gras. Mix the red tuna with the mango and tomato brunoise, green onion and vegetable pickles. Season with salt, pepper, sunflower oil, furikake and tempura sauce. Mix well and adjust seasoning if necessary.

Arrange in a soup plate.

Place the tartare in a round cookie cutter and place the foie gras on top. Finish with fleur de sel, radishes and alfafa shoots.

Tama’a Maitai !

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