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Nahema Charles

Nahema Charles

Nahema is passionate about travel and culture. We also know her from Coco Beach in Moorea. 3rd best dancer at the 2014 Heiva, she now lets her culture shine through her cooking.

By traveling, she has been able to appropriate flavors and marry them with local products. Nahema has decided not to eat meat, so she offers only fish at Pura Vida. She uses local vegetables and products in all her dishes: uru, taro, fe’i, papaya….

“flavors from elsewhere with products from here!  “

Nahema built up her library of tastes thanks to her passion for travel, particularly in Asia: Thailand, Vietnam… she discovered coriander. A herb that never leaves you indifferent. What she loves most of all is to help Polynesians discover or rediscover their products with other flavors. 

Here are a few mouth-watering photos from the PURA VIDA page… 

PURA VIDA is a place where Nahema offers tasty, gourmet and healthy products. 

Pura Vida - Nahema Charles