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Heimataiki Contios – NOA Pastry workshop

Heimataiki’s NOA project is a patisserie workshop dedicated exclusively to pies! With this dessert, the field of possibilities is enormous, with everything imaginable in terms of textures, tastes and shapes.

“Pies for every taste!”

With a passion for pastry-making that began in secondary school, Heimataiki has found its way through sharing and creativity. When she was younger, Heimataiki baked for her family in her home kitchen. She develops a taste for sweetness and the satisfaction of giving pleasure.

It was at Lycée that this would-be chef made her decision to leave. in France, where she took a CAP Pâtisserie. She spent a year training as a pastry chef at a private school in Yssingeaux, near Lyon.

Back in Fenua, Heimataiki immediately set about applying what she had learned working alongside Bénédicte Massonet at Coco’s restaurant. What was supposed to be an interlude before returning to France, turned out to be a real experience to be continued.

Some time later, with Heiarii Hoiore, she helped launch the HEI Restaurant as Pastry Chef. She worked there for several years, creating remarkable and acclaimed plated desserts. She decided to strike out on her own and created her new project NOA – l’Atelier pâtissier.

NOA is all about pies and only pies. The creativity required to vary fragrances, textures and flavours is infinite. Heimataiki is all about highlighting products and making tastes clear. Today, the chef and her team are working towards a single goal: to create a pastry that is low in sugar, concentrated in taste, sober and gourmet.

Pear and pecan tart
Pear and pecan tart

Heimataiki’s inspiration comes first and foremost from the pastries she loves to eat. A taste for memories is also an integral part of his creative process. The chocolate pear tart is directly inspired by a tart her mother used to make. It was a puff pastry with praline milk chocolate and pears that his mother baked with a Normandy cream… Heimataiki likes to showcase local produce and revisits the classics of our childhood: guava tart, banana tart, lemon tart…

You’ll find NOA’s pies at our partners’ shops, but you can also order directly from them.